Discovering Downtown New York’s Distinct and Overlapping Worlds… Originally settled by freed slaves in the 17th century, Greenwich Village had become a haven for artists and bohemians by the 20th; now it’s a highly desirable neighborhood of charming, historic streets. Chinatown, originating in the 19th century, exploded in size and population in the mid-20th. Holding on there, and in the neighboring Lower East Side, are fascinating remnants of the Jewish immigrant presence that dominated much of the area from the late 19th century. Little Italy has shrunk to just a few streets, yet it’s still a popular destination for Italian restaurants, bakeries and shops. In the 19th century, SoHo was a shopping district of elegant cast-iron buildings. By the mid-20th, after the buildings had been abandoned, artists squatted in them, transforming the neighborhood into one for artists and art galleries. Thanks to soaring real estate prices, SoHo returned to its identity as a shopping district, with its unique architecture now landmarked. In this tour, we’ll explore these distinctive areas that abut and overlap in interesting and delightful ways.

The tour’s itinerary includes:

  • Seward Park
  • Henry Street Settlement
  • Jewish Daily Forward Building
  • Educational Alliance
  • Schteibel Row
  • Canal Street
  • Columbus Park
  • Mott Street
  • Jarmulowsky Bank Building
  • Eldridge Street Synagogue
  • First Cemetery of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue
  • Haughwout Building
  • New York University
  • Washington Square Park
  • Stonewall Inn
  • “Friends” Apartment Building

When needed or desired, we will make stops for restrooms, coffee, pizza, dessert, snacks, or sitting.

Your guide can meet you at your hotel or any other Manhattan location.

Like all our tours, this is a private tour. The price below is for the entire party, whether it be a party of 1 or, as an example, 8.

Duration: 4 hours

Price: $450

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